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Dear All,

With the CIDOC CRM SIG Meeting in Oxford, October 6-9, 2003,
the systematic work on the CIDOC CRM has come to a successful
end. The Group has produced version 3.5, which is no more a draft,
but the intended form of the standard. The were still a series
of small corrections we regarded as useful to improve
comprehensibility and referential integrity within the
whole document. The submission of the DIS version to ISO is
underway. When the DIS is accepted, there will be a last chance
for proof-reading.

  From the first discussion with members and representatives of
CIDOC in 1994, this project has a history of 9 years, not to speak
of all work that was taken up by the CIDOC CRM. On this occasion
I want to express my particular thanks to all friends and partners
in this work, which has been particularly joyful and satisfactory.
We shall publish a complete list of all those that
have contributed over the years to this work together with the
new version. Also our special thanks to all organisations that
have and do actively support this effort.

So it is time now to look at the challenges the CIDOC CRM and
its application opens up. We had therefore a series of
presentations by people applying the CRM and a discussion about
the most relevant issues to address now. We decided to have the
next meeting in the form of a scientific workshop, with invited
papers and a following working session to elaborate more on the
topics. We shall publish the call for papers in a few days
from now. I attach the report from the discussion. Your
feed-back and response will be much appreciated.


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