[crm-sig] A DAML+OIL representation of the CIDOC CRM

Detlev Balzer db at dbalzer.net
Thu May 15 12:40:59 EEST 2003

Dear all,

I have recently prepared a representation of the CIDOC CRM using
the DAML+OIL ontology definition language. DAML+OIL is basically
an extension to RDF Schema (RDFS) that allows us to express some
more features of the CRM definition in a way that can be under-
stood by a number of ontology software tools. A description of
the changes relative to the existing RDFS representation is given
on the following page:


Please note that the DAML file is not quite up to date with ver-
sion 3.4 of the CIDOC CRM. I am planning to supply a synchronized 
version within a few weeks, i.e. some time in June. Questions of
further maintenance etc. are open for discussion.

Best wishes,

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