[crm-sig] A CRM presentation for a French-speaking audience

Mon May 12 10:07:06 EEST 2003

Dear all,
I have been asked to make a presentation of CRM in front of a French audience on
May 20, 2003 (just the day after the ISO meeting in Rome!). This audience will
consist of members of a French society of documentalists and librarians (the
announcement of that symposium is to be found at:
Here is the text I've prepared for that purpose: (See attached file:
ADBS_CRM.doc)(of course it had to be in French, but I know some of you are
fluent in French); I'll send you my slides as well... as soon as I've finished
The third section is very much inspired from (indeed, it is a mere
translation/adaptation of) some parts of Nick, Martin and Tony's paper in
Cultivate Interactive, but in the second section you might be interested by a
tentative "conversion" of a bibliographic record in UNIMARC format into a
CRM-compatible formalism, based on Martin's paper "Converting object
documentation into a CRM-compatible XML form". This is only a prelude to a
future fully developed UNIMARC_to_CRM mapping, that I promised quite a long time
ago... As my audience will be a French-speaking one, I translated all the XML
tags into French for their conveniance, but I am aware that in a real-life
project the tags should remain as they are.
I am supposed to submit my paper as early as tomorrow, which leaves you but
little time to react and send me your comments and criticisms; but I still can
change things in my slide presentation if there are big mistakes in my text,
provided I've received your comments before Friday 16 (I'll fly to Rome on
Friday afternoon, and back to Paris on Monday evening immediately after the ISO
WG9 meeting and won't have an opportunity to jump to my office before the
symposium on Tuesday morning).
Best wishes,
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