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Subject: Student paper on FRBR
Date: Fri, 2 May 2003 10:09:34 +0200
From: William Denton <buff at pobox.com>
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I'm a student at the Faculty of Information Studies at the University of
Toronto, and in the term just finished I took a course on the theory of
classification and knowledge organization with Prof. Clare Beghtol.  We
didn't actually discuss FRBR in class, but I was quite intrigued with what
little I'd read about it, so I did my final paper on it.  I looked at
Panizzi, Cutter, Lubetzky, and Ranganathan, how a FRBR catalogue would
embody their core principles, and a bit about what current work was being
done on it.

I really enjoyed reading articles about it, and the specification too,
though I admit I skipped the tables at the back.  I cited M. Le Boeuf's
"FRBR and Further" and some OCLC articles, including the new one from
Bennett, Lavoie, and O'Neill that was recently mentioned.  The list
archives and the FRBR bibliography were a great help in finding sources.

Reading the late Seymour Lubetzky's articles was also very interesting.
Before I heard about FRBR, I hadn't come across the idea of a work as an
abstract entity, and Lubetzky and the FRBR spec lay out what could make a
really useful catalogue, much better than I've ever used.  I hope to see
one in action soon.

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