[crm-sig] New CIDOC CRM Website

Detlev Balzer db at dbalzer.net
Thu Jan 16 13:03:44 EET 2003

Crofts Nicholas (DAEL) wrote:

> The new web site is a great improvement. Clear and readable and uncluttered.


> I just noticed an unfortunate problem with the text formatting. It seems
> that the width of the text has been "fixed" at a width convenient for
> screens at 1024 x 768 pixels. (Since this is exactly the resolution I use it
> suits me fine.) However, with a screen set to a lower resolution, say 600 x
> 800, a lot of horizontal scrolling is needed to read the text, which is
> irritating. (With a higher screen resolution, a margin appears to the right
> of the text.) It would be preferable to free up the width of the text so
> that it reformats automatically to suit the client. This problem applies to
> pretty much all the text pages.

I agree with Nick. Even though I use a screen width of 1200 pixels
it annoys me if I am forced to set the width of the web browser to
anything > 800 px, which means obscuring other applications that
one would like to keep in sight.

Best wishes,

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