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Stiff, Matthew Matthew.Stiff at english-heritage.org.uk
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I agree with Nick and Patrick's comments. The problem will also apply to
users of Internet Explorer on 1024 x 768 resolution when they have the
"favourites" column open. It also raises the issue of referring sites
opening up the CRM website within their own frameset. It is bad manners, of
course, but we can't stop it happening! I see that the "What is CIDOC CRM"
has changed to "What is the CRM" but it could do with a question mark, both
in the menu and on the page ("what's new?" has one).

Otherwise, I really like the design clarity of the site, which only serve to
highlight the fact that I need to send you updated content....

Best wishes, 


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Dear all,
The new web site is a great improvement. Clear and readable and uncluttered.

I just noticed an unfortunate problem with the text formatting. It seems
that the width of the text has been "fixed" at a width convenient for
screens at 1024 x 768 pixels. (Since this is exactly the resolution I use it
suits me fine.) However, with a screen set to a lower resolution, say 600 x
800, a lot of horizontal scrolling is needed to read the text, which is
irritating. (With a higher screen resolution, a margin appears to the right
of the text.) It would be preferable to free up the width of the text so
that it reformats automatically to suit the client. This problem applies to
pretty much all the text pages.

Also, just to reiterate Tony's remark, the top level menu item "What is
CIDOC CRM" is ungrammatical. It should be wither "What is the CIDOC CRM?" or
"What the CIDOC CRM is".



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Dear All,

We have launched the new CIDOC CRM Website, replacing the
previous one. If any of your links won't work, do not hesitate
to contact me. Any recommendations for improvement welcome:

best regards,


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