[crm-sig] revised scope notes E41- E60 CIDOC CRM version 3.4

martin martin at ics.forth.gr
Tue Jan 7 13:36:31 EET 2003

Dear Nick,

Thank you very much for your revision. Just let me make some minor

a) By decision, the term "property link" should not be used.

b) I propose a common notation for "see also" references. Who is in favour
     for "cf." ?, is this an ISO recommendation?

E49: "prehistoric" seems more to be an appellation for a period: It has different meaning
     from place to place (and from people to people). I prefer "B.C." as example.

E53: Is "Here -><-" the point on my paper copy of your text? Just for fun...

I regarded as useful for E46 Section Definition to refer to respective bibliography.

I thought it may be useful to expand the sope notes of E54 Dimension, E55 Type, E57 Material, and
to add more examples at several points. I am not sure, if my extension make the
things more clear than what you have already written, and if my English
is comprehensible. Comments welcome.

Are the terms "universals" and "particulars" generally known, or do they need
definition/ reference ?

I attach my proposal for another revision.



Crofts Nicholas (DAEL) wrote:

> Deal all,
> Here are my revised scope notes for classes E41-E60 based on CIDOC CRM
> version 3.4.
> In line with ISO guidelines I have added examples systematically at the end
> of each scope note and separated them from the body of the scope note
> itself. 
> I have replaced all references to CRM "Entitities" with the word "class".
> The word "entity" still occurs in the text but with reference to
> "real-world" entities.
> I noticed that the list of subclasses was missing for E59 Primitive Value.
> Is this generated automatically?
> A minor semantic quibble. The Address Class is a multiple inheritance of
> Place Appellation and Contact Point. Not all postal addresses have this
> double nature - notably PO Box numbers, which are contact points but not
> place names, and addresses of unoccupied buildings, which are place names
> but not contact points. I have tried to make this clear in the scope notes. 
> Some phrases and remarks in the original text struck me as either
> incomprehensible or misleading. I have tried to reinterpret these where
> possible. My apologies if I have failed to get the point and trampled over
> some important semantic fine-tuning.
> Best wishes for the New Year
> Nicholas Crofts
> Conseiller en systemes d'information


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