[crm-sig] revised scope notes E41- E60 CIDOC CRM version 3.4

Crofts Nicholas (DAEL) nicholas.crofts at etat.ge.ch
Thu Jan 2 18:01:07 EET 2003

Deal all,

Here are my revised scope notes for classes E41-E60 based on CIDOC CRM
version 3.4.

In line with ISO guidelines I have added examples systematically at the end
of each scope note and separated them from the body of the scope note

I have replaced all references to CRM "Entitities" with the word "class".
The word "entity" still occurs in the text but with reference to
"real-world" entities.

I noticed that the list of subclasses was missing for E59 Primitive Value.
Is this generated automatically?

A minor semantic quibble. The Address Class is a multiple inheritance of
Place Appellation and Contact Point. Not all postal addresses have this
double nature - notably PO Box numbers, which are contact points but not
place names, and addresses of unoccupied buildings, which are place names
but not contact points. I have tried to make this clear in the scope notes. 

Some phrases and remarks in the original text struck me as either
incomprehensible or misleading. I have tried to reinterpret these where
possible. My apologies if I have failed to get the point and trampled over
some important semantic fine-tuning.

Best wishes for the New Year

Nicholas Crofts
Conseiller en systemes d'information


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