[crm-sig] CIDOC CRM poster?

Crofts Nicholas (DAEL) nicholas.crofts at etat.ge.ch
Wed Feb 12 13:31:24 EET 2003

Dear all,

The attached file is a Word document containing a single image. This is a
vector image of the CRM version 3.2 showing all the classes (entities) but
omitting attributes (property links.) The colouring has no semantic
significance other than to highlight the different levels of depth.

The document is configured for A3 paper by default. This would need to be
changed according to local print stock. The image itself can be resized
easily in word by clicking on it once, to reveal the drag points, and by
pulling on one of the corners. NB pulling a drag points on the side of the
image will deform it. 

Printed out at A3 size, the text labels of the entities remains readable. I
often make the point in presentations that inspite of itsapparent
complexity, the entire CRM model can be represented on a single A3 sheet
without requiring a maginifying glass (though I admit I do need to wear
reading glasses!)

I prepared this graphic for my own use using a standard CASE tool. If
members of the SIG find it useful it could be updated to reflect the current
state of the model and improved in various ways to enhance its use as a tool
for communication.

An alternative to this "poster" approach is to use a high level
representation which omits all the classes beneath a certain depth. I have
found this quite useful as way of explaining the basic concepts without
"frightening the horses".

Best wishes

Nick Crofts

P.S I believe some members of the SIG have considered transforming this
graphic into a "mobile" - as an ontology training tool for the very young. I
don't know how much progress has been made in this direction. ;-)

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Dear list members,

I am just trying to understand the CIDOC CRM. As I am a little familiar
with ontologies the concept is not difficult but it is just the number
of entities and relations that is a problem. Especially if you want to
explain the structure to other people concept maps are a must.

There are some diagrams of parts of the CRM in several papers (for
instance at the slides in the "Tutorial" section of the new homepage)
that are very helpful, but i have not found a comprehensive graphic
of all the entities and relations. A poster (propably DIN A1 size)
would be *very* useful to understand, adapt and talk about the CRM!

62 Entities and 107 Properties are quite much (necessary, i suppose!)
but they should fit on a square meter of paper. If they do not, how
can they fit in one's mind!

So is there such a poster overview?

thanks a lot,
   Jakob Voί


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