[crm-sig] CIDOC CRM poster?

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Subject: CIDOC CRM poster?

Dear list members,

I am just trying to understand the CIDOC CRM. As I am a little familiar
with ontologies the concept is not difficult but it is just the number
of entities and relations that is a problem. Especially if you want to
explain the structure to other people concept maps are a must.

There are some diagrams of parts of the CRM in several papers (for
instance at the slides in the "Tutorial" section of the new homepage)
that are very helpful, but i have not found a comprehensive graphic
of all the entities and relations. A poster (propably DIN A1 size)
would be *very* useful to understand, adapt and talk about the CRM!

62 Entities and 107 Properties are quite much (necessary, i suppose!)
but they should fit on a square meter of paper. If they do not, how
can they fit in one's mind!

So is there such a poster overview?

thanks a lot,
   Jakob Voί

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