[crm-sig] Report about the Harmonization of FRBR and CIDOC CRM

James Landrum james.landrum at ndsu.nodak.edu
Fri Dec 19 22:03:48 EET 2003

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martin wrote:

> Dear All,
> Delegates from the CIDOC CRM SIG and the IFLA Working Group on the 
> dialogue (affiliated to the FRBR Review Group of IFLA) have come 
> together in
> Paris, Nov. 12-14, in order to discuss the Harmonization of the CIDOC 
> CRM with
> the FRBR model from IFLA, with the aim to contribute to the solution 
> of the
> problem of semantic interoperability between the documentation 
> structures used
> for library and museum information, such that:
> * all equivalent information can be retrieved under the same notions and
> * all directly and indirectly related information can be retrieved 
> regardless of
>     its distribution over individual data sources;
> * knowledge encoded for a specific application can be repurposed for 
> other
>     studies;
> * recall and precision in systems employed by both communities is 
> improved;
> * both communities can learn from each other's concepts for their mutual
>     progress;
>   for the benefit of the scientific and scholarly communities and the 
> general
>    public.
> In this first meeting, a common understanding of the FRANAR, FRBR and 
> modelling approach, their benefits and potential was achieved.
> Particularities of conceptualizations currently characteristic for 
> museums and
> for libraries were discussed. It was agreed that traditional museum 
> documentation
> and library documentation are distinct in form and focus. But it was 
> also agreed
> that the tasks of libraries and museums overlap to some amount, and 
> that in the
> future each of both communities will even more engage in activities 
> traditionally
> characteristic for the other.
> In particular, the meeting discussed notions of work, manifestation, 
> collective
> items, subject relationship, documentation of manuscripts and persons 
> acting
> under roles, in a general context and seen from the CRM and 
> FRBR/FRANAR framework.
> Some methodological issues of information modelling were discussed, 
> with respect
> to ontological considerations, applications and their complexity and 
> the effect
> for the end user.
> The practical value of a common model and its possible form was 
> discussed.
> Without coming to a final conclusion, it was acknowledged the the 
> value of a common
> model is the common understanding of the concepts and phenomena 
> relevant to the
> functions and documentation practice of both communities, so that 
> information
> systems can be designed
> * that allow for seamless exchange between libraries and museums 
> information,
> * and that are more fit for specific user requirements than the 
> current ones.
> A practical collaboration plan to realize a common model was discussed.
> (More detailed report to follow).
> The next meeting, open to interested members of both communities, is 
> envisaged
> for March 22-25, in Crete.
> So far, no dedicated funding could be raised for this activity, 
> therefore all
> interested parties are kindly asked to look for any funding source 
> possible.
> With best wishes,
> Martin

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