[crm-sig] Official Release, CALL FOR VOTE

martin martin at ics.forth.gr
Tue Dec 16 16:26:11 EET 2003

Dear All,

I have put CIDOC CRM Version 3.4.9 as Official Release on the Website.
Since 3.4.2 there are only editorial changes. Please see the amendment

I have corrected several minor typos and mistakes from version 3.4.8,
based on comments from Siegfried Krause and Karl-Heinz Lampe, who are
translating the CRM to German.

In particular we have added the scientific names of living species,
and we have corrected the style of the Examples at E55, E56, E57.

Please check the scope note of E3. I have added a phrase reflecting the fact,
that the full phase of a specific condition might be unknown.

Please check the use of italics, punctuation, spacing etc.

We shall publish in the next days the respective RDFS, XML, cross-reference manual
and SIS database on the Site.

If you disagree with this version as "Official", please send me a
message until next Monday.



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