[crm-sig] parameters in measurement events

Ludwig Schletzbaum l.schletzbaum at deutsches-museum.de
Fri Dec 5 17:34:02 EET 2003

Dear Martin ...

martin schrieb:
> ... on the other hand I wonder if the conditions are relevant for queries, 
> such as:
> Give me all engines in all museums that have horsepower between ... at 
> 150-160
> rpm.......

... but "Give me all airplain-instruments with a gamma-radiation greater 
than ..." (i.e. for safety reasons).

> If this is actually not the case, but these data are relevant to interprete
> the quality of the measurement,
> then I'd argue the conditions are well-placed in the "has note" of the 
> measurement,
> which can be typed again.

That's it! I think too, "has note" is a good cover for this additiv 

> Else, I suppose certain conditions can be regarded as type of the 
> measurement,
> e.g. max horse power, speed at max horse power, etc.

... length over all etc. ...

> I suppose the selection of conditions is not random. So tell us what the
> logic is. This could be typed again.
> What do you think?

I think that's it. I'll use a note like "condition: motor speed 172 rpm" 
for this information is not relevant in queries.

Thank you & good bye !


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