[crm-sig] parameters in measurement events

martin martin at ics.forth.gr
Thu Dec 4 22:36:28 EET 2003

Dear Ludwig,

Obviously the CRM is not a full model for the description of scientific measurements.
The question of encoding value conditions under which a measurement is done is interesting.
on the other hand I wonder if the conditions are relevant for queries, such as:

Give me all engines in all museums that have horsepower between ... at 150-160

If this is actually not the case, but these data are relevant to interprete
the quality of the measurement,
then I'd argue the conditions are well-placed in the "has note" of the measurement,
which can be typed again.

Else, I suppose certain conditions can be regarded as type of the measurement,
e.g. max horse power, speed at max horse power, etc.

I suppose the selection of conditions is not random. So tell us what the
logic is. This could be typed again.

What do you think?


Ludwig Schletzbaum wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> I'm dealing with a problem in Measurement Events concerning parameters of
> a measurement.
> A Measurement Event observed a Dimension which has type or appellation
> power of a Man made Object Diesel-Engine No 3 of Rudolph Diesel. The
> Dimension has value 14.7 has unit kW. The Problem is, that this
> measurement has a lot of parameters. For instance the number of crank
> revolutions per minute, the air pressure, the kind of fuel, the amount of
> fuel per burning stroke etc.
> The motor speed could be influenced in an Activity (accelerating the
> engine to 172 rpm, which contains or preceeds (had specific purpose; was
> continued by) the following Measurement Event. But not the measurement of
> the static air pressure (which is of course motivated by the measurement
> of the power).
> The consequence is to observe more than one Dimension in one Measurement
> Event. But that shows not, what the parameters really are.
> Another workaround whould be to declare the measurement of the power to
> "power at motor speed 172 rpm and air pressure 1013 hPa".
> Considered, that power 14.7 kW is the maximum power and the speed observed
> beneath is 172 rpm.
> Parameters play a large role in measurements. Remember, that green is not
> green, but only that what you understand that is green.
> Sincerely
> Ludwig Schletzbaum


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