[crm-sig] parameters in measurement events

Ludwig Schletzbaum l.schletzbaum at deutsches-museum.de
Mon Dec 1 21:32:05 EET 2003

Hi everybody,

I'm dealing with a problem in Measurement Events concerning parameters of
a measurement.
A Measurement Event observed a Dimension which has type or appellation
power of a Man made Object Diesel-Engine No 3 of Rudolph Diesel. The
Dimension has value 14.7 has unit kW. The Problem is, that this
measurement has a lot of parameters. For instance the number of crank
revolutions per minute, the air pressure, the kind of fuel, the amount of
fuel per burning stroke etc.
The motor speed could be influenced in an Activity (accelerating the
engine to 172 rpm, which contains or preceeds (had specific purpose; was
continued by) the following Measurement Event. But not the measurement of
the static air pressure (which is of course motivated by the measurement
of the power).

The consequence is to observe more than one Dimension in one Measurement
Event. But that shows not, what the parameters really are.
Another workaround whould be to declare the measurement of the power to
"power at motor speed 172 rpm and air pressure 1013 hPa".

Considered, that power 14.7 kW is the maximum power and the speed observed
beneath is 172 rpm.

Parameters play a large role in measurements. Remember, that green is not
green, but only that what you understand that is green.


Ludwig Schletzbaum

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