[crm-sig] CRM Terminology AND SoBig virus

James Landrum james.landrum at ndsu.nodak.edu
Mon Aug 25 17:21:35 EEST 2003

Dear crm-sig,
everyone please check your computers for the SoBig. F virus.  I have 
been receiving unfounded complaints from list members that I have been 
sending them infected emails.  Fact is, the Sobig.F variant grabs email 
addresses from the address books of an infected computer.  My computers 
are clean and have not been hit by the virus. If you look carefully, the 
IP of the computer sending the virus is not my IP.
Also, I am working on terminology and shoud have an updated glossary 
submitted circa Sept. 5.

martin wrote:

> Dear All,
> I attach the proposal for the CIDOC CRM Terminology definitions, one of
> the most importtant parts of the Introduction to the Model (I.e. of 
> version 3.4).
> Please give us feed-back as soon as possible, if you regard these 
> definitions
> as:
>   comprehensible
>   precise enough
>   comprehensive for the purpose of the standard
> And send us all proposals for amendments,
> so that we can make a final decision in Oxford, Oct 6-9.
> Best,
> Martin

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