[crm-sig] Editorial Proposal

martin martin at ics.forth.gr
Sat Sep 14 11:28:20 EEST 2002

Dear All,

I propose to add the following to the scope note of Period:

Settlements and populations in their diachronic identity are
also regarded as Periods.


E.g. "This object is from Heraklion"
can have two interpretations:
A) It was found within the city limits at the time of finding.
     In that case Heraklion denotes a Place, but only, if identified
     at a specific instance of time.
B) It is a product or trading good of the city.
     What is the city? people change, buildings change, borders change.
     The diachronic identity can neither be Stuff, Actor, Place.

Therefore I regard it as a contiguous set of phenomena, a Period.
I have so far not found any conflict with this interpretation.

A "community" would be an Actor. I would however not identify the
Greek, Sarazene, Byzantine, Venetian, Turkish, and again Greek
community of Heraklion as one Actor. But despite discontinuity in
will, sef-understood identity and influence, there is continuity
in settlement.

I think this explanation has been used by us, but not been formulated.


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