[crm-sig] Mapping

Mon Sep 9 19:53:11 EEST 2002

Dear all,
I regret I won't be able to join you in Heraklion. But I've finished (at last!)
the revision of my FRBR/CRM mapping and I think it is much more satisfying now:
(See attached file: Mapping_FRBR-CRM_revised.doc) Unfortunately, I could not use
the "mapping tool": I do not have Access on my computer, and when I tried to
send it to a colleague of mine who has Access on her computer, the mapping tool
never would work (I think it is a matter of version of Access). So it is only a
Word document; but I hope it will be possible to convert it into the format of
the mapping tool.
I can now begin to work on the UNIMARC/CRM mapping I promised...
Best wishes,
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