[crm-sig] 5th Joined meeting of ISO/TC46/SC4/WG( and CIDOC CRM SIG

martin martin at ics.forth.gr
Thu Oct 31 17:56:42 EET 2002

Dear All,

We had a successful 5th meeting in Rethymnon of 4 days hard work.
We have finished the definition of all CIDOC CRM classes and
properties, in particular the missing scope notes for the last 30
properties. With that, the technical contents of the CRM must be
regarded as finished. Changes to the edition from July 2002 are minimal,
as promised.

Until the next meeting in March, we shall work
on the quality and comprehensiveness of the introductory text
for the standard, and last editorial refinements of some
class scope notes.

We had a presentation about the successful use of the CIDOC CRM
as guide for good practice for the design and implementation of
the new documentation system at the National Gallery of Finnland:
The implementers declared, that using the CRM has saved much time
for conceptual modelling and provided a very satisfactory system.

Here the new update of the general presentation of the CIDOC CRM:

An interesting presentation about a GIS application combining cultural
archeological and environmental data by Apostolos Sarris from the
Institute of Mediterranean Studies in Rethymnon can be downloaded
filename: CIDOC2002w.pps
user: anonymous
passwd: your e-mail

All the best,


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