[crm-sig] Issue 19: How is the CRM going to be used?

Gill, Tony TG at mellon.org
Mon Oct 28 13:55:10 EET 2002


I recently wrote an article about the design of the data model for RLG
Cultural Materials that explicitly mentions the influence of the CRM; here
are a couple of excerpts:

"[In 1999] the most significant new development in the field of cultural
information standards was the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model, an
"object-oriented domain ontology" for expressing the implicit and explicit
concepts in the documentation of cultural heritage (RLG Focus 45, August
2000). The CIDOC CRM was designed to meet exactly the kind of cultural data
integration challenges we faced, and it had a pivotal influence on our

"The logical model we developed adopted two key features of the CIDOC CRM:

* "The use of events as the primary mechanism to describe the various
relationships between people, places, and works. Events are normally
implicit within cultural documentation; for example, the Dublin Core's
CREATOR element implies a creation event in which an actor created the
resource being described. Making these implicit entities explicit gives the
logical model almost limitless flexibility to express different kinds of
* "Sub-typing" of entities via a link to an external type value, so that
external term lists and hierarchical thesauri can be used to refine the
semantics of individual entities. This sub-typing applies both to primary
entities, such as events or works, and to linking entities, so that
relationships (such as actors' roles in events) can be described in more
detail. For example, our initial list of event types includes terms such as
"created," "contributed," "awarded," and "transfer of title." The linking
entity between events and actors has an initial set of role types that
includes terms such as "dedicatee," "bestower," and "recipient." 

The full article, "Touring the Information Landscape: Designing the Data
Model for RLG Cultural Materials," can be found at


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