[crm-sig] Issue 102, Scope Note for Actor Appellation

Gill, Tony TG at mellon.org
Tue Oct 15 21:54:15 EEST 2002

Following Patrick's helpful suggestions:

Proposal: Write scope note for Exx Actor Appellation


An Actor Appellation is any sort of name, number, code or symbol used to
identify an Actor. An Actor will typically have more than one Appellation,
and Appellations in turn may have alternative representations.

The distinction between corporate and personal names, which is particularly
important in library applications, should be made by explicitly linking the
Actor Appellation to either a Person or Group/Legal Body entity. If this is
not possible, the distinction can be made through the use of the "has type"

Examples: "Johnny", "John Doe", "Doe, J.", "J.X.D.", "246-14-2304", "The
Third Man". "Prince", "[Love Symbol]", "The Artist Formerly Known as
Prince", "The Master of the Flemish Madonna", "The Master of Madonna with
parrot", "Raphael's workshop", "the Brontës", "ICOM", "International Council
of Museums".


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