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Hello all,

I agree with Tony's suggestion to remove 'scientifically'. Should the scope
note also refer to 'indexing' or is this covered by the supercalss
'Attribute assignment'? I've recently discussed the distinction between
Classification and indexing with Martin and others on the FISH list (see
www.fish-forum.info and view the 'recent discussion' discussion list for
September). By indexing I mean 'the assignment of terms, often from a
controlled vocabulary, to another entity to assist in retrieval or
presentation of the indexed information'. I feel this may be a sufficiently
distinct action from classification to merit separate mention in the scope

English Heritage

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> Martin,
> I would recommend removing the word "scientifically" -- this
> could easily be
> seen to exclude the assignment of Dewey clasmarks, subject headings,
> iconographic classifications etc., which presumably are well
> within both our
> prtactical and intended scope. Below is a version that I have edited
> slightly for grammar etc.:
> This entity describes the act of classifying another entity,
> for example an
> object, a specimen, an action or a concept. The value of
> classification
> depends critically on the identity of the classifier and the
> date that the
> classification was assigned. This entity also comprises the process of
> "determination," i.e. the systematic and molecular identification of a
> specimen in biology.
> Example: "first classification of object GE34604 as Lament
> Cloth, October 2,
> 1998 by I.Dionissiadou".
> Cheers,
> T.


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