[crm-sig] Slaves as Physical Objects

martin martin at ics.forth.gr
Mon Oct 14 12:25:37 EEST 2002

Dear All,

In Copenhagen we were puzzled by the question, if sales of slaves
are covered by the CIDOC CRM, and if not, if they should.

The majority agreed, that this is not an issue worthwhile extending the
CRM. Nevertheless, it is actually covered by the CRM, and has some
interesting aspects:

1. Slaves, being Persons, are also Physical Objects (consistent with SHIC, were they are under trading goods, as well as with the Roman laws,
   if I am not mistaken). Hence, Acquisition refers to them.
2. Groups of Slaves, as brought together by slave traders, are not groups in the sense of the CRM, as they did not come together for collective action. In this sense, they are an aggregate as others,
which is covered by Physical Object (see discussion about collections, ISSUE 1). It would be too far going, to regard them a curated Collection
Hence, even aggregates of slaves are covered by
3. If, as in good movies, but far too seldom in reality, slaves have the chance to congregate and lynch their suppressors, they form a Group in the sense of the CRM, if lucky with the same members as
under point 2, but with distinct identity from the aggregate they belonged to before or
still belong in the eyes of those regarding themselves as their owners. In particular Spartacus’ band must be seen as a Group.




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