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martin martin at ics.forth.gr
Wed Oct 9 18:16:29 EEST 2002

Dear Patrick,

PATRICK.LE-BOEUF at bnf.fr wrote:

> Dear Martin,
>      I'll reformat my mapping FRBR-->CRM, and follow your suggestion of having
> "P9a // P9b" to distinguish the directions of properties, instead of my rather
> awkward "P9 // P9backward" as in the current version of my mapping.

My proposal is: P9.F // P9.B , not P9a, P9b (that was from the person that asked me).

>      I have a further question about E33 Linguistic Object: is this class
> regarded as covering exclusively textual objects, or more broadly any kind of
> Information Object that has a textual compound (for instance: a lied, an opera,
> a movie etc.)? This is a problem I encountered while preparing my mapping; I
> took it for granted (because I felt it was conceptually more logical and
> consistent) that E33 Linguistic Object was exclusively textual and could not be
> instantiated by an opera for instance, and my assumption resulted in a number of
> problems. It would be much simpler for me (but would this be consistent?) to
> regard an opera or a motion picture or whatever complex work with a textual
> compound (however minor as to the work as a whole) as an instance of E33
> Linguistic Object.
>      Thanks,
>      Best wishes,
> Patrick

Normally, CRM classes are not exclusive. Only Persistent Object and Temporal entity,
Physical Stuff and Conceptual Object are definitely exclusive.
I don't see a problem in characterizing
an Opera a linguistic object. This was also the assumption in Jane Hunter's
merging of MPEG7 with CIDOC CRM. More detailed, one may like to distinguish




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