[crm-sig] Proposal to rename P109, consistency of subproperties about creation/destruction

martin martin at ics.forth.gr
Tue Oct 1 15:15:23 EEST 2002

Dear All

"P109 is curated by (curates)"  should be called : "P109 is or was curated by (curates or curated)",
to make it timeless.

E65 Creation Event P94  has created (was created by) Conceptual Object: is subproperty of                        P12,P92

E12 Production Event P108 has produced (was produced by) Physical Man-Made Stuff: is subproperty of   P31,P92

E67 Birth                           P98 brought into life (was born) Person                                                               P92

E66 Formation Event         P95 has formed (was formed by) Group                                                              P11,P92

P31 (modified) is subproperty of P12, as well as P11 (participated in).

Hence, all Groups, Stuff are present in their creation, but not Persons. I think the idea in Copenhagen was to
link P92 brought into existence, summarily to P12.

Therefore I propose:

P94 to be subproperty of 92 only, as P98, and P92 to be subproperty of P12. This is consistent, as we declare presence
of immaterials as through their carriers.


E6 Destruction  P13 destroyed (was destroyed by) Physical Object          is subproperty of                          P93

E68 Dissolution P99 dissolved (was dissolved by) Group                        is subproperty of                            P11,P93

E69 Death          P100 was death of (died in) Person                             is subproperty of                             P93

Meaning, that neither objects nor people are present at their end.
I think the idea in Copenhagen was to link P93 took out of existence, summarily to P12.

Immaterial things end by forgetting or destruction of all carriers. So, I think we can fairly assume
that all Persistent Items are present until and at the event of their end.

I propose  P92 to be subproperty of P12.




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