[crm-sig] Announcement

Thu Nov 28 19:42:10 EET 2002

Dear all,
A new listserv has just been created for discussion on FRBR topics -- FRBR is
the E-R model developed by IFLA for library materials; it is by far not so nice
a construction as CRM but it matches well librarians' needs and it now serves as
the basis for any discussion on cataloguing issues in the library community. It
would be possible to address related models as well, such as ABC, and more
generally modeling in the field of information science. There currently are
about 80 subscribed members in this list. Most of them are librarians and I
would be delighted to welcome contributors from other areas as well.
The address is frbr at bnf.fr but if you are interested just ask me to put your
name and e-mail address on the list (there is no automatical procedure such as
sending a message with subject "Subscribe").
Best wishes,
Patrick Le Boeuf

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