[crm-sig] New CRM Website layout

martin martin at ics.forth.gr
Tue May 21 13:40:00 EEST 2002

Dear All,

We are planning the new layout of our Website.

Proposed menu structure:

	* What is the CIDOC CRM 
		(what for, for whom, how does it work, how easy to use, 
		is it ready?, one page with short explanations and further
	* Comprehensive introduction
		(as above, a contiguous readable text)
	* Definition of the CIDOC CRM
		( Explanation about which documents constitute the official
                  version of the CRM, derivatives XML/RDF/SIS etc, recommended reading)
	* Use, Application & Validation
		( Usage Guidelines, Examples, Proofs of Concept )
	* FAQs (derived from "Issues")

2. The Team
	* Who we are
	* brief history
	* Status and objectives
	* Activities
		- working meetings + minutes
		- events (tutorials, workshops)
	* Work progress (now: "Issues")

3. Supporters and Collaborations
	* SIG members
	* Supporters
	* collaborations (with projects & organisations)
	* Events (others than by SIG)
4. Documents
	* Official Release of the CIDOC CRM
	* Previous Releases of the CIDOC CRM
	* working edition of the CIDOC CRM
	* Technical Papers
		- methodology
		- utility
		- contents description
		- application and mapping
	* tools
	* related work (by members and others)
	* tutorials
	* implementation guidelines & experience
	* work reports and minutes
5 References 
	(now: Information Forum, to be structured by topic into pages)
6 Dowmloads
	* Official Release of the CIDOC CRM
	* Previous Releases of the CIDOC CRM
	* working edition of the CIDOC CRM
	* tools
	* working progress (now "issues")

The current "issues" page will become a database driven 
solution, index + one page per issue, downloadable as
report, links of issues to the releases implementing

Please comment,

best wishes,



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