[crm-sig] CIDOC CRM SIG 3rd Meeting-4th Meeting

martin martin at ics.forth.gr
Fri Mar 22 17:01:59 EET 2002

Dear All,

The 3rd CIDOC CRM SIG and ISO/TC46/SC4/WG9 in Monterey CA was very successful.
The requirements from Natural History regarding the taxonomic process could be identified and
turned into an amendment proposal. The Group reviewed the complete model by going through
the definition of all 108 properties and resolved last inconsistencies. 24 issues ready 
for decision have been decided.

In the sequence the Group agreed, that with this step all requirements from the museum community
for museum data and interoperability with archive and library data are captured, solved or formulated
as amendment proposals.The Group took particularly into account and discussed the mapping of FRBR 
to the CRM by Patrick Le Boeuf, the formulation of MPEG7 as extension of the CIDOC CRM by Jane Hunter,
the on-going harmonization with ABC harmony and the mapping of OPENGIS by Martin Doerr, all
standards from related domains with overlap into the CRM scope.

Therefore the next meeting will take the final decision on the logical contents of the CIDOC CRM.
This is the most important step in the standardization process. The next actions for this meeting
are the preparation of decisions on the final form of the scope notes and presentation of the CIDOC
CRM. Finally the development of guidelines for use and comprehension and dissemination should be
brought forward.

Minutes and updates of the Website will appear soon.

The next meeting is proposed for July 2-5, in Copenhagen at the National Museum of Denmark.
Please confirm these dates or propose alternatives, e.g the week later. We are aware, 
that we are running into holiday season, but I doubt we are ready for this meeting earlier. 
Please make clear in your reply, if you prefer a different date or if you cannot attend at this

best wishes,



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