[crm-sig] Proposal for new Website

Tony Gill tony_gill at notes.rlg.org
Tue Mar 5 00:11:20 EET 2002

I've split my responses into sections; firstly, a few comments on the 
"look and feel", followed by a section on site architecture/navigation.

I. Look & Feel

- The overall design has a nice clean look -- much improved!
- The light blue in the ICOM logo clashes with the darker blue of the 
interface; are we allowed to re-colour the ICOM logo slightly to use a 
matching darker blue? Also, "COUNSIL" is not the correct English spelling, 
it should be "COUNCIL".
- The copyright statements say "Copyright 2002, CIDOC", but is that true? 
Only "E40 Legal Body" entities can own copyrights!
- I'm still not a fan of the "homunculus" background image -- it's 
arbitrary, doesn't communicate anything meaningful and isn't even 
particularly decorative. At least it's less intrusive in this version!

II. Architecture & Navigation

- I like the drop-down menu bar for the top level categories. 
Unfortunately, however, the menuitem text does not show up in Netscape 
(4.77), although it does show up in IE6;
- What are "menu1" and "menu2" placeholders for? Will they simply repeat 
the drop-down menus? If so, we could probably dispense with one or the 
other. Also, the side bar submenu items do not appear in Netscape 4.77 (OK 
in IE6);
- I hope that the sub-categories will become a bit more intuitive in the 
new version of the site; Below is my bid, which attempts to break up some 
of our current broad categories into more specific groupings (e.g. 
"Documents" replaced by "CRM Definition", "Tutorials", "Mappings", 
"Further Reading" etc.), and also attempts to reduce redundancy by 
promoting and expanding "Information Forum" (currently "Documents" under 
CRM, "Information Forum" under under CRM SIG and "Links" under nothing) to 
a top-level category, and move all links to 
related-but-not-directly-about-the-CRM stuff to subcategories therein. 
Finally, I suggest we get rid of the "What's New" page, and move the 
"what's new?" links to an area on the homepage -- this will encourage us 
to keep it fresh!

- Introduction (short, snappy intro of about 3-4 paragraphs);
- Scope;
- CRM Definition (use this page ONLY for links to versions of the CRM 
definition; 3.2.1 preferably in HTML as well as RTF);
- Class Hierarchy (This urgently needs updating to v3.2.1, even if we have 
to use a different presentation technique, e.g. static image. Actually, a 
static image of the entire class hierarchy would be helpful in any case);
- Tutorials (links to intros., teaching materials etc.);
- Mappings;
- Validation;
- Issues;

- Introduction;
- Charter (currently "Status & Objectives");
- Members;
- Meetings & Reports (info about SIG meetings ONLY, not other events or 
- Collaboration (related initiatives, e.g. ABC/Harmony, DELOS etc.)
- Events (other events where the CRM is presented, discussed etc.)
- Mailing List

Documentation Standards Working Group
- Introduction
- Meetings & Reports
- Mailing List

- Introduction
- Meetings & Reports (password-protected?)
- Members Only area (password protected)
- Mailing List (password-protected)

Info Forum
- Applications & Politics
- Philosophical Considerations
- Etc. etc.
(Background papers on oo modelling, knowledge representation etc., useful 
but not primarily concerned with the CRM)

Finally, a request -- can we get rid of the "Important Note" about the 
Geneva site? I never understood the logic of giving a link to the 
out-of-date (and long-since broken) Geneva site prime position on the 
"official" site!


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Dear All,

Please let me know your opinion about the look and feel, as proposed in



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