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Fri Jun 28 09:14:30 EEST 2002

Dear Edmund and all,

their will be several ways to access the web both in the meeting room and in
the nearby offices. You do not even need to bring your own computer.

When you arrive on Tuesday at 9.00 - please go to the main entrance of the
National Museum in Ny Vestergade. I shall be there to guide you you to the
meeting room. If you arrive later than 9.00 you may ring the bell at the
employees entrance and ask for me (Frederiksholms Kanal 12) - if you arrive
after the museum opens at 10.00 please ask the people at the information
desk in the main lobby. You may also use the directions below:

The meeting room is situated at this address:
Ny Vestergade 10
It is just accross the road from the main entrance to The National Museum.
At Ny Vestergade 10 you walk through a gateway into a backyard. In the back
building there is a gate to the left. Here you press the button saying "DOK"
and when the lock buzz you can open the door. Inside the gateway you take
the door directly to your right. Then walk up all the stairs - and you are

Martin, please forward this message to participants who are not in the Cc

I hope this will bring you all to the right place on Tuesday 9.00 o.c. - I
look forward to see you all.
Best wishes

Senior researcher Lene Rold
Documentation Project
National Museum of Denmark
Tel: +45 3347 3885

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Fra: Lee, Edmund [mailto:edmund.lee at]
Sendt: 27. juni 2002 17:55
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Emne: [crm-sig] Internet access during Copenhagen meeting

Hello all,

Could someone let me know if it will be possible to access the web at
regular intervals during next week? I am not so much interested in using the
net during the meeting, but rather for keeping in touch with office and
family via hotmail. Is there a cybercafe near the meeting venue or something

None of the guides to Copenhagen that I've seen mention this.

Thanks for any help!

Edmund Lee
English Heritage


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