[crm-sig] Proposal for Issue 70: Relationship between P15 and P17

martin martin at ics.forth.gr
Tue Jun 25 16:08:17 EEST 2002

Hi Tony, 

Let me extend your proposal. I propose to change P15 into what you propose.

I think we should:

redefine range of: 
P15 Activity - took into account (was taken into account by): Persistent Item
I take "took into account" as synonym to "influenced by", as the Actor of the
activity "must let it influence her/him".

redefine range of:
P17 Activity - was motivated by (motivated): Stuff ,
   declare P16,P17 as subproperty of P15.

This complements the existing links: 
P19 Activity - was intended use of (was made for) Man-Made Stuff
P16 Activity - used specific object (was used for) Stuff (issue 96)

I propose to either add:
Pxx Activity - was influenced by (influenced): E7 Activity

and declare
P18 Activity - was motivation of (motivated) : E7 Activity subproperty of Pxx

Or to generalize P18 into "was influenced by".

The link P20 corresponds to P19:  
P20 Activity - had specific purpose (was purpose of) : E7 Activity
(intention, future)

Do we need an equivalent to P16 ?:
Pyy  Activity - continued (was continued by) : E7 Activity 

To my understanding, this is all that could be said about
influence between activity and stuff, and between activities.
It seems to me complete and symmetric.

Please comment



Tony Gill wrote:
> Background: P17 "was motivation of (motivated)" and "P15 took into
> account" seem to share some meaning. This should be clarified.
> Proposal:
> I propose a new and more general property:
> Pnn Activity - was influenced by (influenced) Persistent Item
> This would subsume:
> P15 Activity - took into account (was taken into account by) Conceptual
> Object
> P17 Activity - was motivated by (motivated) Man-Made Stuff  (why not
> Stuff?) (issue 79)
> It would also resolve issue 79: Change Property Name P17 was motivation
> for to was motivated by
> Cheers,
> T.
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