[crm-sig] Proposal for Issue 70: Relationship between P15 and P17

Tony Gill Tony_Gill at notes.rlg.org
Sat Jun 22 05:23:01 EEST 2002

Background: P17 "was motivation of (motivated)" and "P15 took into 
account" seem to share some meaning. This should be clarified. 

I propose a new and more general property:

Pnn Activity - was influenced by (influenced) Persistent Item

This would subsume:

P15 Activity - took into account (was taken into account by) Conceptual 
P17 Activity - was motivated by (motivated) Man-Made Stuff  (why not 
Stuff?) (issue 79)

It would also resolve issue 79: Change Property Name P17 was motivation 
for to was motivated by


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