[crm-sig] Proposal for Issue 36. How to model sequences of physical and conceptual objects

Tony Gill Tony_Gill at notes.rlg.org
Sat Jun 22 03:53:04 EEST 2002

>From discussion of issue 13 the need to model sequences of physical and 
conceptual objects also need to be added to the issues list. This could 
include page numbers, periodical series, acts in a play etc.

(Note to Martin: On the web page, Issue 36 background erroneously contains 
the following text fragment from another issue: "Guidance for museums etc. 
to distinguish between titles and other appellations.")

Proposal to be compatible with METS: 

The METS schema uses a series of nested DIV elements to represent compound 
digital objects. The DIV elements have an ORDER attribute, used to record 
an integer representation of the DIV's order with respect to it's 
siblings. I propose that we model ORDER as a specialization of E54 
Dimension. This would not require the addition of any additional classes 
to the CRM.

However, since sequences can apply to both physical objects (e.g. folios 
in a manuscript) or information objects (e.g. sequences of digital page 
images), this proposal would require the domain of P43: Has Dimension to 
be promoted from E18: Physical Stuff to it's superclass, E70: Stuff.

N.B. The scope note for property P43 (CRM v3.3.1) is compatible with this 
proposal, although it needs to be copy-edited for grammar.


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