[crm-sig] Issue 90, Scope note of E52 Time-Span

martin martin at ics.forth.gr
Wed Jun 19 22:58:21 EEST 2002

Decision from  Monterey:

The E52 Time-Span Scope Note needs to stress that times spans may not have precisely known temporal extents.

New scope note:
A determination of a range of dates or duration without any further
connotations, to be used to confine periods, events, and any other
phenomena valid for a certain time. A time appellation is a verbal
form which refers to a time-span. The time-span itself is a temporal
extent in the sense of Galilean physics. Different time-appellations
may express the same time-span. The Time-Span represents the real
extent of the entity it refers to, which is always fuzzy to a certain
degree and only known in approximation. Respective properties of
Time-Span allow to express approximations of a time-span according to
our knowledge.

Example follows as before.




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