[crm-sig] Re: new menu for cidoc

Tony Gill tony_gill at notes.rlg.org
Thu Jul 18 03:24:10 EEST 2002

Hi Carlos,

Here are some suggested (minor) changes to the menu structure. Mostly 
these are just changes to the wording or ordering of the menuitems for 
clarity or consistency, but I have also suggested an additional menuitem, 
"Scope" on the first menu.

- What is the CIDOC CRM?
- Comprehensive Introduction
- Scope
- Definition of the CIDOC CRM
- Uses and Applications
- What's New?
- Frequently Asked Questions

- Special Interest Group Meetings
- Workshops
- Work Progress
- Validation
- Mailing List

- Who We Are
- Brief History
- Charter
- Special Interest Group Members
- Supporters
- Collaborations

- Official Release of CIDOC CRM
- Official Release of CIDOC CRM
- Official Release of CIDOC CRM
- Tutorials
- Technical Papers
- Tools
- Implementation Guidelines
- Work Reports & Minutes
- Downloads

External References
- Papers and Presentations
- Sites
- Events


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"Carlos Koulatsis" <carlos at iworx.gr>
12/07/2002 08:53 AM

        To:     <tony.gill at notes.rlg.org>
        Subject:        new menu for cidoc

Hello Tony.
We changed the menu with Martin but before i make  changes on the menu for 
the second time, i send you a copy to check it. Please  foward it also to 
the cidoc List so that we have as soon as possible  feedback.
Please double check the final menu cause changes to  the dynamic menu are 
very painful (It's like reconstructing the whole website).  Due to the 
pressure of time i have to reconstruct the dhtml menu and feed the  pages 
with data (and correct also dosens of CSS files and make some changes also 
to the database) it would be inpossible for me to have it in my deadline 
ready if some other menu changes will occour later on time.
Best Regards
Carlos Koulatsis
Managing Director
iWorX Ltd Greece

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