[crm-sig] 4th joined meeting of CIDOC CRM SIG and ISO/TC46/SC4/WG9

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Wed Jul 10 02:47:14 EEST 2002

Dear Martin,

I too would urge that we stick to the agreed dates. They were chosen to
ensure that all project members can participate. This will not be the case
if the date is put back a week. I appreciate that this may not suit all SIG
members, but since the bulk of the work is being undertaken by the CHIOS
partners it is surely better to make sure that they can all be there.

I know it is difficult to please everyone.... :-)

Best wishes,

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> I am very concerned to see that you are now offering alternative dates for
> the meeting in Crete.  I have already booked flights, based on the dates
> agreed in Copenhagen, viz 22-25 October.  If the dates now change, I will
> bill the project for a full refund of my flight costs.
> There is no point agreeing dates in advance if they are then changed.
> Please advise.
> Rgds
> SdS
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> Dear All,
> For those not present in Copenhagen, a short report on the
> meeting. A full report will follow soon.
> The meeting successfully closed all open amendment issues.
> The CRM comprises now ten years of experience in cultural
> information modelling, and 3 years of systematic search to
> make sure that all important aspects of cultural information
> exchange are covered adequately by the CIDOC CRM.
> The Group felt, that this work has been brought to an end
> successfully.
> Therefore Group decided, that the CIDOC CRM is finalized from a modelling
> perspective. This means, that no more constructs will be added to the
> CRM, no modelling approach will be changed and the scope of the CRM is
> regarded as what it covers now.
> We shall soon publish the respective version 3.4.0, which is basically an
> extension of the current version 3.2.
> We wish to thank all participants for the excellent meeting and the
> spirit of collaboration despite the huge amount of work, that left
> no free minute. we wish also to thank Lene Rold and her group for the
> excellent local organisation and support.
> Until the next meeting, there is still space to fix problems of
> inner consistency. It turned out that the best control of the inner
> consistency of the Model is the review of all properties in context
> (i.e. if the Model describes "intended models" or possible states of
> affairs we are interested in. The logical consistency is controlled
> by automatic tools).
> The second review and final decision on about a hundred
> scope notes out of 130 brought up only two such cases, were a property was
> found to be covered by another one. Besides that, this review brought up
> 8 proposals for improvement of other entity scope notes and a few property
> names.
> It is planned to create the missing property scope notes and to review all
> 30 property scope notes not yet officially accepted latest a month before
> the next meeting, so that any inner inconsistencies that may be revealed
> in this process can be resolved before the next meeting. Following this
> plan,
> the next meeting will finalize the last details in the definition of the
> CIDOC CRM, in time with our intended working schedule.
> Further, the next meeting will address questions of application, user
> contact
> and dissemination, extended documentation and the "packaging" and
> of the standard. It will make a particular focus on making the CIDOC CRM
> and its application potential comprehensible to all potential users.
> We hope for great participation.
> The planned dates are : Tuesday, October 22-25, alternatively
> Tuesday October 29 - Nov 1.
> Venue:
> City of Rethymnon, 60 km west of Heraklion, easy to reach with
> public transport, in the historic building of the Institute of
> Mediterranean Studies of FORTH. It is a beautiful place in a quiet area
> in the historical center of Rethymnon, the most beautiful city center
> in Crete.
> It will be easy to find accommodation in that season.
> Please let me know as soon as possible, if you plan to attend, and
> if one of both dates causes a problem for your coming.
> best wishes,
> Martin
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