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Dear Edmund,

Here Allen's home page. See selected papers on Temporal Reasoning:

The following two publications from our group deal with the issue of querying such intervals,
introducing indeterminacy. This is mandatory for a consistent handling of
historical temporal references. The question: "what happened 43 BC" can strictly
not be answered. The question that can be answered is either "which events may have happened
within 43 BC" (or slightly before or after), and "which events must have happened within 43 BC".

We have implemented this logic for the database of the Greek Archive of Monuments to the satisfaction of
the archeologists and historians there. I think CHIN, the City of Geneva, and SSL have implemented an
equivalent logic.

The paper:
B. Nebel, H.-J. Bόrckert, Reasoning about Temporal Relations: A Maximal Tractable Subclass of Allen's Interval Algebra, Journal of the ACM,
42(1): 43-66, 1995. 

proves, that only the relationships we have selected are tractable. This is important, because it means that
you can implement it in a database search engine. 



>Hello Martin,
>I have been interested to see your comments on CRM spatio temporal relationships. Could you please provide me >with the full reference for
>Allens 1983 work that you refer to? I would like to follow this up in more detail.
>Thank you
>Best wishes
>Edmund Lee
>English Heritage Data Services Unit
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>     Dear All, 
>     In Paris we decided to add to the E2 Temporal Entity the well-known temporal relationships from 
>     J.F.Allen, 1983, which can be fairly regarded as a standard in Knowledge Representation. 
>     I terms of directed, bidirectional properties as we use in the CIDOC CRM, they can be defined as: 


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