[crm-sig] How to preserve the information about the provenance of information?

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Fri Jan 18 16:39:27 EET 2002

Dear All,

In the discussion in Paris about how to preserve the source of information in a
CRM instance, I pointed out that there are multiple ways to implement such a
feature effectively. Non of those does interfere with the CRM contents, so there
is no need to include such a feature in the standard, but in guidelines of use.
One prominent mechanism is RDF reification, the most "atomic" approach, and 
hence the most costly. As it is a W#C recommendation, it is a standard solution.
If sources are few in the scope of an application, classification
by source classes may be more effective, as well as all kinds of external indices.

Here the promised literature about reification.

I add also the result of a respective google search:




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