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Dear all,
     Here is an email I sent to Martin, Nicholas and Tony, and which Martin
suggested I should send you all. Here it is...
     Best wishes,
By the way, are there any information about our next meeting ?
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Before I send you a paper with full (or as full as possible) treatment on that
matter, here is already a fragment from an article I've written for "Cataloguing
and classification quarterly" about a distinction between "subject" and "object"
relationships. I added to it a commented bibliography (but my comments are in
French and I was too lazy to translate them... anyhow, many of my comments are
mere quotations of what I thought was most important in these papers, which are
in English for most of them).
(See attached file: Subject_&_object_relationships.doc)
The analysis (and indexing) of fine arts museum objects might result into 2
kinds of relationships:
1) "ofness" relationships vs. "aboutness" relationships
2) Erwin Panofsky's categorizations: "pre-iconographic" indexing /
"iconographic" indexing / "iconologic" indexing.

As I tried to explain in my paper, librarians have constantly mistaken "object"
relationships for "subject" relationships; as long as they only dealt with
books, it was not very problematic, but from the moment they strove to catalog
still pictures and objects the same way, the whole thing became an indescribable
mess... I think librarians shouldn't pass on this mess to the CRM community!


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