[crm-sig] Implementation guideline: Addresses

Gill, Tony TG at mellon.org
Sat Dec 14 00:39:49 EET 2002


One small correction; in the report, you said:

"Some newer standards with an address component such as the widely adopted
vCard data format [3] do not even attempt to distinguish between address

This is not entirely true; although vCard doesn't *require* addresses to be
parsed to this level of detail, it does provide the mechanism to do so, in
the form of subelements for the Address element:

 Extended Address       Extadd
 Street Address         Street
 Locality               Locality
 Region                 Region
 Postal Code            Pcode
 Country                Country

See section 3.4: http://www.w3.org/TR/vcard-rdf#3


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> Dear SIG,
> attached is a first draft of a guideline for dealing with addresses
> as CRM instances (see issue 65: Implementation guidelines for
> compounds).
> Martin noted that a person, corporation, etc., can have many
> addresses over time. Should we include some remarks on how to deal
> with the volatility (temporality) of addresses?
> Any comments, suggestions, corrections are welcome.
> Detlev
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