[crm-sig] Interesting paper

martin martin at ics.forth.gr
Mon Dec 9 12:02:44 EET 2002

Dear All,

This paper describes commercial systems, that implement a considerable
part of the higher end vision of use of the CIDOC CRM:

It is the first paper I encounter, that fully appreciates the role
of semantic relationships in real system development. The referred
"World Model" is characteristically what the CIDOC CRM plays for our domain.
As in most computer science papers, the ontology is expected to be
given by the "user". We know quite well, that the real end user has
neither the time nor the expertise to formulate his/her conceptualizations
as a formal ontology. This can only be done by interdisciplinary teams
as the CIDOC CRM SIG. We are happy to have invested in this over ten
years, so that now, when the technology is available,
also the ontology exists.

We have the chance to discuss more about that in the Symposium in
Washington DC, March 26,27, 2003.

Best wishes


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