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Wed Aug 14 13:08:55 EEST 2002

Dear All,

I attach the version 3.3.2 of the CIDOC CRM, outcome of the meeting in Copenhagen.

Besides the approved changes, for better overall consistency, this version contains the following proposed changes:

 All uses of the word “link” as synonym for “property” have been replaced by the term “property”

The following changes for internal consistency have been proposed, but they have not been decided in the Copenhagen meeting. They are incorporated in this document, in expectation of a positive

1) The property:
 E40 Legal Body. consists of (belongs to): E40 Legal Body
was deleted (new issue 104).

2) The property
 P105.2 has note: E62 String
was deleted (new issue 106).

3) The property:
P33 used specific technique
was declared as subproperty of
  P12 occurred in the presence of (was present at)

This version can be taken to be very close to the final standard with respect to the modelling
constructs. Some scope notes for properties are still missing and expected to be decided in Crete,
October 22-25. Feedback is asked for the better organization of the general introduction and overall layout.

Best wishes,



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