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Dear Jane,

I think that "traditional care" is a special case of a "norm" (right, prohibition, prescription).

It is about future, and can be observed to have been obeyed or not in the past.

I  think of a general node under "Conceptual Object" of type:

         "Planning or Norm", subclass of Conceptual Object.

"Design or Procedure" has indirectly do with that, but it deals with the form of a process and the
respective product, is timeless and intentionless.

Probably one must distinguish between the "intention", promoted by people, for certain
things and actors, during a specific time, enforced or not, and an associated "plan"
or execution schema, the "how" of the intention, abstract from time, validity, enforcement.
"Enforcement actions" may have their own plans.

I would see "Design or Procedure" as a case of such "plans - schemata".

I would assume that a planning or norm may have an associated "plan".

A "Planning or Norm" is "created" by an Actor, even if that is in unknown
past, and by an ethnic group.

It "refers to" types of things.

It "uses" a "plan".

It is "valid for" a time-span.

Specializations seem to be immense.



Jane Hunter wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been working on a project with Jane Sledge at the Smithsonian's
> National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) and one thing we'd like
> to do is to support information describing the preferred traditional
> care of museum artefacts, particularly culturally sensitive artefacts.
> For example certain objects should be stored so that they face east, or
> must not be handled by women. Other objects, such as medicine bundles,
> should not be displayed or handled at all.
> I've had a quick look through the CIDOC CRM and can't really find
> anywhere that this kind of information is supported? Any suggestions
> for where/how it could be incorporated.
> regards,
> Jane
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