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Dear all, 

A few points about translation. 

Firstly, this work needs to be co-ordinated. It would be an awful waste of effort if different people were to make translations of the same passages. I'm currently working on the French translation with Patrick. If anyone wishes to lend us a hand, we would, naturally, be very grateful. However, please get in touch with me so that we can avoid unnecessary duplication. 

Secondly, in the interests of consistency, I don't feel its a good policy to make translations in a piecemeal fashion. I prefer to work on a stable version of a complete document and revise the whole thing when the work is finished. The experience of making the first French translation revealed many instances of early misunderstandings or problems which were clarified at a later stage, obliging us to make revisions. Good translation is a multiple pass process, so I would much prefer not to make partial submissions of work in progress.

Thirdly, I am waiting for clarification of the copyright situation with respect to translations into languages other than French and English. ISO does not publish documents in other languages, and I am not sure exactly what the situation is with respect to distribution of such documents. 

Finally, I would just like to point out that the French translation is a complete translation of version 2.3 of the CRM, and not, as Maria's message might have suggested, a piece of unfinished work.

Best wishes

Nick Crofts

Maria Moutsaki <moutsaki at ics.forth.gr> wrote: 
Dear partners,

On behalf of Dr. Martin Doerr, I am sending you an Excel file, which
contains the Entities and the Properties of the CIDOC Conceptual
Reference Model in English and their (incomplete) French translation.

We would like to create the model in different languages, so we need
your help to translate the terms in French, Italian, German, e.t.c.

We would appreciate if you could forward to us groups of translated
terms in these languages as you proceed, without waiting to complete the


Maria Moutsaki

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