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Tue Oct 2 17:32:29 EEST 2001

Hi Tony,

Tony Gill wrote:
> OK, here are a few discussion issues I would like to propose:
> 3. Modeling States
> At the DELOS harmonisation meeting with ABC/Harmony in Darmstadt recently,
> the notion of "states" came up, and it became very clear that this central
> aspect of the ABC/Harmony model was not really addressed by the CRM at
> all. For example, how would we model an assertion that an object O was at
> a location X at time T? The CRM can model a change of location event, but
> this is not exactly the same. Do we need to be able to model states in the
> CRM? I don't know, but it would make harmonisation with the ABC model a
> lot easier, so it's certainly worth adding to the list of issues.

I see the problem slightly different:

The "location" problem is covered by the model:

Event 0-x - occurred in the presence of : Object 0
          - took place at               : Place X

The same holds for all meetings of people and things.

Now - this is not really an event, which may "cause" something.

May be we need something like
     subclass of Period
     superclass of Activity
     initiated by: Event
     terminated by: Event

Raise participation properties particitpated in, occurred in the presence of)
      from Event to Period,

Rename E7 Activity to E7 Action ?

Then we would need an additional interpretation:

 "participating" in a State means temporally during the whole 

  "participating" in a Period means at some time and place within

  "participating" in an Event means being involved in the process
                       or part of it.

Then "Activities" like Curation periods, Ownership periods etc. could be 
taken out of Event?

May be the distinction between "Event" and "State" is too subtle
to be useful?

Is there evidence from data structures supporting state documentation?



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