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Tony Gill tony_gill at notes.rlg.org
Thu Nov 29 03:28:25 EET 2001

Hi Martin,

I'm not quite sure what your asking for opinions about here...

Here are some things that sound like Good Ideas to me:

* Expressing the CRM as an XML schema;
* Expressing the CRM as an RDF schema;
* Exporting data from local systems as XML documents that comply with the 
XML schema;
* Exporting data from local systems as XML documents that comply with the 
RDF schema;
* Tools that can validate the XML documents against the XML or RDF schemas 
(these already exist);
* Stylesheets that allow the XML documents to be displayed in 
human-legible form;

Is this what you were asking for opinions about?


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I had a presentation of the CRM at the Tokyo National Museum with
participants from different organisations. There is strong interest.
A key question was, to which degree one should restructure the existing
information system to conform with the standard. I argued for the
capability to export to a CRM compatible form. There was a strong interest
in a validation service, which makes the issue of formally defining
compatibility more urgent. I imagine a mapping process, which can be
executed by an IT company, either as export with built-in tools of a 
or with an external tool (like data junction, etc.) into XML.
We have a piece of code, that transforms XML with the simple CRM DTD into
CRM RDF. This can formally be validated. The museum expert would validate
the intellectual correctness of the mapping by reading the XML form with
appropriate style sheet.




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