[crm-sig] First draft of revised E35 Title scope note

Tony Gill Tony_Gill at notes.rlg.org
Sat Nov 17 00:49:52 EET 2001


I was asked to rewrite the scope note for Title, making the distinction 
between titles and object names more explicit:

E35 Title
[** Current Scope Note **]
This entity comprises the short pieces of texts that are used, by the 
creator or tradition, to characterize or identify a work, often alluding 
to its subject. The work may be linguistic, musical, iconographic or 

Examples: Giaconda, La Joconde, Mona Lisa, Die Dreigroschenoper, La Pie, 
La Marseillaise. 

[** Proposed revised Scope Note **]
The name of a work, such as a book, artwork or piece of music.

Examples: The Merchant of Venice, Giaconda, La Joconde, Mona Lisa, Lucy in 
the Sky with Diamonds.

Titles are proper nouns, and should not be confused with generic object 
names (such as chair, painting, book) which are common nouns and are 
modelled in the CRM as instances of E55 Type.


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