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martin martin at ics.forth.gr
Fri Nov 16 15:02:32 EET 2001

Dear All,

In the 2nd CRM-SIG meeting in Paris, October 15-18, a series of decision have been made.
Particularly useful were the experience of several teams in mapping data structures to the CIDOC.
Most modelling issues raised before the meeting were decided. The respective amendments are
basically additions to the current version, that do not invalidate current contents. The open issues
concentrate more and more on explanation, application and guidance for goodpractice.

For the open issues, in particular those requiring extended efforts, members of the Group will
prepare more elaborate proposals until the next meeting. The most prominent being a complete set
of scope notes for the properties of the CIDOC CRM. With this, the last systematic gap in the
CIDOC CRM documentation will be closed.

With this meeting, we have captured the requirements (issues) of the interest group the CIDOC CRM
targets at, except for the Natural History community.

The meeting minutes will be circulated in a few days, and the issues list will be updated as well.

The next meeting will focus on:
(1) capturing the requirements of the Natural History community;
(2) the common agreement on the scope notes for properties;
(3) finalizing the amendments to the formal Model contents;

This meeting will require hard work. The experience from previous meetings shows how
much concentration contents work requires, even in the joyful atmosphere characteristic
for this group. We shall need four full days. The proposal is to work two days, one informal
excursion day, and another full two days of work. The proposed venue is California,
Mountain View (seat of RLG), or a more quiet place in California with cheaper accommodation
and pleasant environment. The proposed date is February 18-22, 2002.

Please respond as soon as possible, if the venue collides with any other conference or event
we are not aware oft, and if you prefer 4 days continuous or 5 days with a break in the middle.
We ask in particular representatives of the Natural History community to assist us.

best wishes,


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