[crm-sig] Scope notes

Tony Gill tony_gill at notes.rlg.org
Thu Nov 8 23:31:31 EET 2001

Thanks Nick -- you've certainly set the standard for the rest of us 

I'm not sure why the photos aren't working for you, I've tested the URLs 
again (on a different machine even) and they all seem to work fine. Maybe 
my free web host was being temporarily inundated by CRM SIG members? ;-) 
-- Have another go, and let me know if it still doesn't work.


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Nicholas Crofts <nickcrofts at yahoo.com>
08/11/2001 12:02 AM

        To:     Tony Gill <tony_gill at notes.rlg.org>, CRM-SIG <crm-sig at ics.forth.gr>
        Subject:        Re: [crm-sig] Scope notes

Dear all, Tony in particular, 

Apparently the Word file I sent containing scope notes for P51 - P 70 
seems to have got scrambled in transit. Below are the same scope notes as 
an HTML table. I've also attached an RTF file containing the same text. I 
hope at least one of these is readable. 

best wishes 

Nick Crofts 

P.S. Tony - can't read the photos you posted, 404 errors. 

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