[crm-sig] Meeting agenda Barcelona, July 5

martin martin at ics.forth.gr
Thu Jun 28 16:39:34 EEST 2001

Dear All,

The meeting agenda for July 5, Barcelona will
cover the following topics in the order given below:

1.) Introduction of the members of the SIG to the CIDOC Conceptual
reference model, 
contents and related activities. 
2) Introduction of the members to the status and support needs of the
ISO process for the CRM. 
3) Agreement on the function and procedures of the SIG. 
4) Discussion and activities to set up a scope and requirements for the
   in the form to become ISO standard until the next meeting. 
5) Feedback mechanism for common resolutions and decisions. 
6) Further activities. 

The meeting will start at 9:15.

You are kindly asked to prepare for this meeting:

For Agenda item 1. please study
   Now, the data from the Clayton Herbarium are also available:

For Agenda item 3.please read:

For Agenda item 4. please read the attached document as a base for the
Please bring with you or send me
by e-mail references to any data structure/ metadata structure, standard
etc, you would like to be (1) covered by the CRM, (2) to be harmonized
with CRM (= overlapping concepts should be related in a well defined

For Agenda item 5. have a look at

Input from all members not participating in the meeting is most welcome!

best wishes,



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